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Internal Door & Frame Kits: Why Pre-Hung Door Sets Save Build Time & Increase Quality

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Selecting doors for new projects and renovations is crucial in any development. The quality, finish, and regulatory compliance of internal doors can be a time consuming aspect during a project.

Opting for pre hung internal door and frame kits can streamline your next build. It also reduces the number of skilled trades which must be co-ordinated on site.

What Are Pre-Hung Internal Door & Frame Kits?

Pre-hung internal door and frame kits are often called “door sets”. Manufactured and tested as a complete unit, pre hung door sets include the door leaf, frame, hinges, and door furniture.

The complete doorway is delivered to site ready for a simplified installation process. A door opening is prepared to accommodate the unit, and the complete pre hung unit is installed with minimal on site skill requirements.

Benefits of Pre-Hung Door Kits

Pre hung doors are designed to reduce installation time and potential for error. Since with all components pre-assembled, there’s no need to fit the door into an existing frame or attach hardware separately.

So how are pre hung doors going to bring greater efficiency and quality to your next build?

1. Time and Labour Savings

Pre hung doors significantly reduce installation time and need for skilled trades on site. Traditional doors require constructing a frame and installing door furniture and seals.  The process can be fraught with time consuming errors.

Pre hung doors, however,  arrive pre finished to your specifications and ready to slot into position. Time savings and reduced need to manage on site trades are built in.

2. Reduced Errors on Site

Improper fitting can affect functionality and appearance of doors. Fixing errors  is time consuming and can impact budget.

Pre-hung doors eliminate the risk of common installation errors, meaning a perfect fit and finish can be achieved every time.

3. Consistent Quality

Apollo Doorsets’ bespoke service ensures doorways are crafted  and tested to your requirements. This ensures consistent quality and durability.

Controlled production environments and processes eliminates the need to wrangle with many of the variables involved in assembling and installing your doorways on site

4. Durability

Pre-hung doors offer long term durability and quality which makes door sets an investment which reduces future maintenance costs.

German manufacturing standards mean that the need for ongoing repairs and maintenance will be greatly reduced. Function and aesthetics will be maintained over time, reducing costs in the longer term.

Quality, Style, & Functionality Built In

Pre fabricated doorways not only ensure consistency and quality, they allow you to specify a variety of high quality finishes and functionality which might not be easily achievable on site.

Wide Range of Styles

Door sets can be ordered in a huge range of styles and finishes. This makes it easy to match to any interior theme. From plain wooden doors, to laminate and stylish frameless glass door options – the possibilities are almost infinite.

Functional Advantages

Bespoke doors mean that you can specify luxurious looks without compromising on functionality. Pre-fabricated door sets can include additional functions such as soundproofing, fire resistance, and energy efficiency.

Our ranges of German door and frame kits will bring quality and efficiency to your project. Enjoy ease of installation combined with a wide range of designs and functional capabilities.

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