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Sliding Wooden Door Sets

Sliding Wooden Doors

Wooden sliding doors are a stylish way to make optimal use of space. Our bespoke door sets are available in a variety of sustainably produced wooden veneers.

We will assist you to specify your door requirements, and the finished door will arrive on site pre hung and ready to install. Minimal on site trades are required, with the door systems being manufactured with all door furniture and finishes applied.

European door quality standards will ensure a luxurious and durable finish. Enhance your interior today!

slding wooden door set



Quality FINISH

High quality is assured. Our wooden sliding doors are manufactured and tested as a single unit to exacting German quality standards. Minimal installation requirements on site means higher standards of finish.



Sliding doors allow versatility and best use of space in any interior.

Our wooden doors are suitable for both domestic and commercial interiors.



All veneers are sustainably produced.

Luxurious Wood Veneers

Luxurious wood veneers create a striking look in any space. Suitable for domestic and commercial interiors.

All our wood veneers are sustainably produced and doors can be manufactured to your bespoke requirements.

Glass Inserts

Enjoy the natural look of wood combined with sleek glass.

Light filled rooms with versatile layouts can be achieved by specifying a glass insert for internal sliding door arrangements.


Find out more about our ranges of wooden sliding door sets. Call Peter now to discuss your requirements and get expert advice!