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Specialist Door Sets

We offer a variety of specialist doors. Whether you want a directors office privacy door set or a door set for your swimming pool, gym or wet room. You can chose doorsets that let light in, stop noise pollution. HGM’s taste for extravagance gives the wealth of security feeling for you and your guests.

specialised doors in UK

Why our specialist doors?


Withstand pressures

In damp and wet rooms, specialised doors ​have to cope with tough demands on a daily basis. Damp and wet room doors can therefore withstand different temperatures and different humidity levels


swing doors

Swing doors can be easily opened in both directions. You determine the pressure at which the door opens.


Sliding option

Connecting instead of separating: Sliding systems give rooms size and yet allow privacy. The room-within-a-room idea continues this principle: Such space-saving solutions can be made quickly and beautifully with our innovative sliding systems.


By deciding on Grauthoff door units you can have the peace of mind, that the door is a quality product with a long tradition of value excellence. Many certifications of the family enterprise underline this focus.

Sound insulation DOORS

On request, we equip door set, including glass doors with fully tested sound insulation. So you can enjoy all the advantages and do not have to make any compromises. In addition, we can offer all-glass doors with tested smoke protection.

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Smoke protected doors prevent smoke from spreading. They keep escape and rescue routes smoke-free and prevent the smoke from spreading into surrounding rooms. Especially in buildings with high Visitor numbers such as schools, universities, hotels, department stores, office buildings, kindergartens. We supply specialist commercial doorsets that offer the fire or smoke protection that’s compulsory in hospitals and banks.