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Tall Door Sets

Tall Door Sets

Tall doors create a more spacious feel and a sense of height in any interior space.

Even small rooms with lower ceilings can achieve enhanced height perception. Taller door openings  can make ceilings look higher.

soundproof doors

Why our Extra Tall doors?


Maximise Space

Extra tall doors create the illusion of a more spacious interior. Additional light can be delivered into your space by making use of glass door finishes.


Attractive Finishes

All our doors are manufactured to your bespoke requirements. You can specify your desired height and finish to create a luxurious ambiance.


Fire Rated

Need your doors fire rated? We can provide doors to meet and exceed UK fire regulations. Ideal for luxurious commercial spaces.


Wooden FinisH

Increased height wooden doors will create a warm and natural look.

Our wood veneers are produced using sustainable methods.



Tall laminate doors are available in a range of colours. Combining strength and durability with style, you can benefit from low maintenance requirements.

Ideal for high traffic areas.

Tall Fire Doors

Fire rated doors can be manufactured to bespoke height requirements.

We can help specify any fire door in your choice of colours. Our door sets are delivered on site as a complete unit, having already been fully tested at point of manufacture.