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Welcome to Apollo DoorSets - One of the UK's Leading Internal Door Sets Suppliers. Bespoke German doors offering European quality without compromise.

Bespoke European Door Sets Supplier.

Based in Scotland, Apollo DoorSets is one of the leading internal door set supplier to clients throughout the UK. We supply high quality European doors sourced from major German door set manufacturers. Our range includes  commercial and residential internal doorsets to suit a wide range of purposes. 

Seamless Installation

Our door sets are crafted to German quality standards for simplicity and accuracy, featuring a streamlined single fix process. This allows for installation at a later stage of construction, guaranteeing a quick setup without any damage.


  • Frames adjust to wall thickness.
  • Frames span from 8cm to 50cm.
  • No nails or screws.
  • No painter required.
  • No maintenance after installation.

  • Matching doors and frames.

  • Available in laminates, veneers and lacquers.

  • Manufactured to your requirements.

Frameless Glass Doors

Embrace German quality and bespoke design with our frameless glass doors. These sleek doors infuse your space with light, maximising daylight in both commercial and private settings.

Our dedication to quality is reflected in the superior quality of our products, featuring elegant designs with a variety of clear, opaque and coloured glass options to create luxurious spaces. Laminated safety glass enhances both sound insulation and stability. Glass doors fill your space with a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.


Laminate Doors

Explore our range of pre hung laminate door sets, designed for style and durability. Ideal for high traffic areas, these doors are UV, heat, and stain resistant for maximum longevity and minimum maintenance. Scratch resistant surfaces, easy to clean finishes, moisture and warp resistance offer both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Constructed from layers of resin-impregnated paper webs under high pressure, these doors can withstand heavy impacts. Find the perfect style from our diverse range of pre-hung internal doorsets.

Wooden Door Sets

Our luxury European wooden doors embody elegance and quality, crafted from the finest veneers sourced from certified global traders. Due to the use of natural tree products each door is unique, showcasing the unique growth characteristics of wood.

Choose from a broad range of veneers, shades, and finishes in modern and classic styles.

This door set range is a testament to our commitment to high quality craftsmanship and the authentic charm of real wood.

Bevelled Doors

Unique design meets exceptional durability with our collection of bevelled doors. These contemporary door sets boast eye catching inlays and grooves in a variety of styles. The designs are available in a wide range of colours and textures.

A robust laminated construction makes these stylish doors ideal for high traffic areas. They’re resistant to UV, heat, and stains and are low maintenance making them ideal for commercial applications.

Each door is manufactured to the high standards using bespoke European production techniques and high-quality materials, ensuring not just functionality but a statement in sophisticated design.

Sliding Door Sets

Our sliding door sets create the perfect fusion of elegance and practicality. Our pre hung door sets create a seamless connection between rooms in both commercial and domestic settings.

We supply innovative sliding door systems designed for effortless installation, saving time and effort on your project. High quality European door construction ensures long lasting, problem free operation. Sliding door sets enhance your space by adding a sense of openness and light, and come in a range of versatile design options.


Commercial Door Sets

Our high quality ranges of commercial door sets are crafted for both functionality and style. The doors are designed for demanding commercial spaces, featuring solutions like fire-rated doors with extensive protection, soundproof doors for privacy, and durable materials fit for high-traffic areas.

With a variety of finishes including elegant veneer and resilient high-pressure laminate, our doors seamlessly integrate into any environment. Explore our bespoke options to find the perfect fit for your space.

Specialist Door Sets

Specialist door sets offer bespoke solutions engineered for unique and demanding applications. Whether it’s for swimming pools, gyms, or acoustic-sensitive areas, our doors blend functionality with elegant design.

Choose from durable wet room doors, gym doors, soundproof acoustic doors, fire-rated safety doors, and space-saving sliding or swing doors. Each door is crafted to high European standards to meet the specific needs of different commercial environments, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Lacquered Doors

Elevate your space with premium lacquered internal door sets. Durability and impact resistance is built in to the door finishes, available in elegant shades and designs. Choose from a range of classic to modern designs, customisable in your preferred colour or design, ensuring a perfect match with your interior.

With the option to select any colour from the NCS or RAL collections, our doors offer an unlimited variety of colours to fit your unique style.

What is a Door Set?

A door set is a complete, pre-hung door system that includes all the components required for a functional door. These components include the door, frame, glazing, seals, hinges, door furniture, and finish. What makes door sets different is their holistic design, meticulous testing, and manufacturing as a complete unit by a single manufacturer. This ensures precise craftsmanship and stringent quality standards.

Our stylish European door sets, manufactured to exacting German door quality standards, exemplify high-end, bespoke products. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these door sets not only meet but exceed expectations in terms of durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. By choosing our bespoke door sets, you are investing in a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates into your space, elevating both its functionality and aesthetic to the highest standard.

The Pros And Cons Of Laminate Door Sets
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Laminate internal door sets are perfect for both residential and commercial use. We offer numerous styles and finishes, making them suitable for a range of projects from basement to attic.


Colour choices have a great impact on your home and workspace. With a range of colour options available, we have the right solution for you. Be bold, be creative, be yourself!

Fill your rooms with light

We offer luxury internal door solutions for every room. Frameless glass doors are an excellent choice for commercial properties, whether it be offices, meeting rooms, gyms or swimming pools. 


Keep things hassle-free with pre hung internal door sets that provide everything you need in one.

Pre hung door kits come complete with door leaf, handles, hinges, and everything already assembled and fitted in place.


Whether you are looking for luxury internal doors for your home, or specialised door sets for commercial use, we have the bespoke door solution you need for your project. 


As a leading door set supplier, we only work with the best German door manufacturers. All door sets are produced to the highest quality standards. 


We supply high-quality interior door hardware and accessories. Our hardware options are available in a wide variety of luxury styles and finishes.


The made to measure bespoke door sets are fully factory assembled units. They contain the door leaf, high quality frame, locks, hinges, rubber gaskets and adjustable architraves.

Manufactured at exceptionally high German manufacturing standards, our European door sets come pre-hung and ready to install. With over 500 designs we will find the perfect choice for your individual build.