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What are lacquered doors?

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Lacquered doors are made by applying several coats of high-quality lacquer/paint to the MDF base of the door. 

There are many benefits to lacquered doors including; heat resistance, stain resistance, light resistance and scratch and abrasion resistance. They are also made from real wood veneer, meaning that they are a sustainable product and the range of colours and designs available makes our lacquered door options as individual as you!

Our doors have multi-coat lacquering. So, what does this mean?

The basis for all doors, the “primer” fulfils several purposes in the first step of lacquering. In addition to the increased resistance to environmental influences and impacts, the primer evens out minimal irregularities on the surface and prepares them for an even formation of the lacquer coat. 

After the primer has been applied, the door is sanded. Sanding ensures even better absorption and adhesion of the lacquer layer on the substrate and a trouble-free coating process. Only after sanding does the door get its final colour from the lacquering process.

In our roller-lacquering system, after the primer the topcoat (hydro/water-based lacquer) is efficiently applied to the door leafs using rotating rollers. Rotating rollers efficiently apply the first layer of lacquer to the door leafs. This is followed by additional lacquer application using modern robots. 

In our spray-lacquering process, after priming the top coat (hydro/water-based lacquer) is applied exclusively using modern robots in the desired surface colour. The paint is finely atomised and gets into the smallest pores. The result is a pleasantly smooth and gentle surface with a beautiful gloss level that is extremely hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant. 

In a separate spray booth, a 2-component lacquer with a perfectly matched mixing ratio of hardener and paint is applied over the entire surface of the door leaf using a spray gun. The intermediate sanding is done by hand and ensures the perfect absorption and adhesion of the top coat. In addition to reducing overspray, the result is a visibly calm, flawless finish.

Your door can be as individual as you are, which is why there are extensive colour option to choose from. Choose a colour as per the RAL colour card, or you could even opt for an ultra modern “metal look”. This is an option where your coloured lacquer door is given a particularly special and modern additional finish. Small glitter particles give the surface an iridescent sheen and metallic look, which perfectly reflects the modern lifestyle, both in combination with an aluminium frame as well as with a matching lacquered frame

So how do I choose which lacquered door is right for me? 

Firstly assess your property and room, to establish whether your style is classic, modern, timeless or country-style. Our LEBO brochure highlights appropriate door designs for each style. 

Once you have chosen your design, choose between a durable CPL surface, high quality painted surfaces or real wood. 

Next, contact us for specialised advise on planning, measuring up and planning your installation! We have handy guides in our news section covering topics such as “How to measure up for internal doors” and “How to fit an internal door frame”.