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What is a Door Set? Understanding Pre-Hung Doors

what is a door set - complete pre-hung white door

If you’re in the process of specifying a development, you may be considering using a pre hung door set. These bespoke prefabricated door systems can offer your next project the benefit of reduced labour times on sit, and high quality standards.

By using a complete solution from Apollo Doorsets, aesthetics, functionality, and quality can be delivered at consistent standards. The success of a development often requires careful management of onsite contractors and labour.

When a complete door solution is used,  mistakes and problems with door installation can be virtually eliminated. Our innovative door systems are manufactured to exacting German quality standards, delivering precision to your work site.

What is a Door Set?

A door set is a pre-hung door and frame  delivered to your site ready for installation in a door opening.  It includes the door frame, door leaf, seals, hinges, intumescents, door furniture, closing mechanism, and arrives fully finished.

Door sets can also be specified to meet requirements on soundproofing, thermal insulation, glass panels, and fire door regulatory compliance.

BS EN 12519

BS EN 12519 defines a door set as a product which is “supplied complete with all essential parts from a single source.” The document is used to specify terminology used to describe windows and pedestrian doors.

What’s The Difference Between Door Sets & Doors

The key difference between door sets and doors is ease of installation. A door set is supplied as a complete, fully finished unit already hung in a frame. Installation requires minimal on site skills.

 A door requires a frame to be formed around it, and all door furniture to be added. It then needs a finish applied, requiring the co-ordination of more trades on site.

Are Door Sets Suitable for Commercial Projects?

Yes, commercial door sets are bespoke, pre-assembled systems designed for high traffic areas like offices and gyms, including options for fire door sets and soundproof doors.

Our bespoke manufacturing process means you can specify desired functionality, style, and any required regulatory compliance, ensuring durability and ease of installation to enhance both the practicality and aesthetics of any commercial space.

How are Door Sets Installed?

Door sets are delivered to the construction site as fully integrated units, with the door already mounted within its frame and all associated door furniture pre-attached.

The door openings should be prepared for installation before the units arrive. The units are fitted and secured in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Opting for a pre-hung door system minimises the demand for specialised labour on site, thereby reducing installation costs and guaranteeing uniform quality throughout the project.

Door sets can be installed at the end of a build, minimising the chance of damage to fixtures and fitting during building works.

At Apollo Doors, we provide expert guidance to your on-site teams, ensuring best practices are followed for a seamless installation process that promotes lasting durability .

What Finishes Are Available?

Transform your development with our high quality pre-hung door sets, available in a range of appealing finishes.

Available styles include:-

Wooden Door Sets

Elevate your space with our exquisite wood veneers, available in natural and matte lacquered finishes, offering over 40 veneer choices for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

For areas where natural light is key, select wooden doors featuring glass panels to brighten your office with an uplifting, luminous feel.

Frameless Glass Door Sets

Opt for frameless glass door sets to infuse a sleek, contemporary vibe into your interior. Perfect for achieving a minimalist look while ensuring privacy, our glass doors are available in sliding formats for flexible space utilization.

Choose from frosted, tinted, or textured glass to tailor the ambiance to your preference. Frameless glass door sets create an upscale, modern aesthetic.

Sliding Door Sets

Enhance your space with the modern functionality of our sliding doors, designed to save space and add a stylish edge.

Our sliding door sets, available in laminate, wood, or glass, smoothly transition into place without the need for additional swing space, making them ideal for a variety of commercial applications. Each option is customisable to fit the unique requirements of your job.

5 Benefits of Internal Door Sets

So what benefits do internal door sets from Apollo Doorsets offer a development? Here are the top 5 benefits of using a factory built door kit:-

1. Bespoke Service

Take advantage of our industry expertise, and allow the Apollo Doors team to review your specifications to create a bespoke door set to meet your exact needs.

2. Performance Assured

Integrating building and fire regulation requirements with desired finishes is streamlined.

Manufacturing your doorway as one complete door set means quality and compliance can be achieved easily, eliminating onsite complications.

3. Eliminate Quality Issues

All parts of our door sets are tested and certified together to meet high German manufacturing standards. This ensures quality issues are avoided, and inclusion of all required components to meet your building specifications.
A pre-hung door arrives on site ready for perfect function – fully plumb, square, and without significant gaps.

4. Reduced Installation Time

A pre-hung solution can be installed later in the build rather than early, reducing the risk of damage to doors during construction. Installing doorways during the second fix, minimises the potential for damage from things like plaster, paint, and items being moved around the construction site.

5. Predictable Installation Costs

Using door sets creates predictability around installation costs, helping to keep build budgets on track. With pre-hung door sets, preparation for a suitable door opening is all that’s required to ensure a high quality installation.

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