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5 Reasons to Choose Frameless Glass Doors for Your Home

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Frameless glass doors are a unique solution to your internal door requirements, and are an option which are not frequently used so you will be sure to make an impressive statement. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Frameless glass doors to help establish if they are the right choice for your project. 

Top 5 Advantages of Choosing Frameless Glass Doors

Reason #1: Increased Natural Light

In contrast to traditional internal doors, which are usually made from solid wood, molded composite or MDF (medium density fiberboard), glass doors allow natural light to enter a room. Frameless glass doors assure optimum usage of daylight for commercial and residential properties. 

Natural light has a long list of proven benefits including an increase in the production of Vitamin D, which boosts mood and improves our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. 

Another benefit for both residential and commercial properties, is that spaces which are flooded by natural light will require less artificial lighting, meaning that you can keep your lights off and your electricity bills down! 

Reason #2: Improved Views

Frameless glass doors provide unobstructed views from room to room, helping to create a feeling of space and an “open plan” effect.

This is particularly beneficial for commercial spaces where the aim is to create a feeling of transparency and openness between rooms. 

If you are blessed with impressive views over the city or countryside, then frameless glass doors are a great option to provide unobstructed views which even has the potential to increase property value!

If privacy is a concern, we can offer opaque or coloured glass to apply more discretion to your designs. 

Reason #3: Enhanced Aesthetics

Frameless glass doors are not the norm, and so add a striking wow factor to your property by opting for ultra-modern glass. 

Frameless glass doors are extremely versatile and so they can complement various design styles, functions, and properties. We can implement unusual ideas to our designs and give you the option to create your own bespoke style. 

For example, we can cut grooves and designs into the glass to make your doors as individual as you are! Be bold, be adventurous, be brave, be different.

We pay attention to every element of the door, offering handles and fittings in individual combinations for all models. 

Reason #4: Increased Functionality

Frameless glass doors allow for a more flexible use of space as they create a seamless room to room flow. For example, using a frameless glass door in between your kitchen and dining room creates an open-plan feeling without the need for additional renovation. They also help to open up small rooms to create an impression of a larger space. 

Our frameless glass doors are also scratch resistant, water resistant and can provide a high level of stability due to our use of laminated safety glass. 

Reason #5: Easy Maintenance

Frameless glass doors are low maintenance. They are cheap and easy to clean, requiring only a microfibre cloth, warm water and either white vinegar or (if preferred) a glass cleaning solution to clean. 

In conclusion, frameless glass doors are extremely versatile and perfect for commercial properties which may require transparency in between rooms. However, they are often overlooked in residential properties, but for the reasons outlined above they are becoming more popular.  The impressive technology in our frameless glass doors means that they are strong, low maintenance, thermally efficient and scratch resistant – what’s not to like? More and more people are opting to make a statement in their homes and frameless glass doors, which can be tailored to your exact specification, achieve this goal. 

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