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Internal Commercial Doors

Internal Commercial Doors

Our interior commercial doors offer the security and quality needed for any development.

We offer a range of commercial door options which combine style and functionality. Whether you are looking for soundproof office doors or bespoke fire doors, we have the solution for your commercial property. 

The name GRAUTHOFF stands for innovation, creative door designs and individual product solutions. 

interior commercial doors

WHY CHOOSE OUR Commercial Interior Door Sets?



All HGM and ASTRA designs can be matched to your bespoke door requirements needed for each door on your premises.



Commercial environments, such as office spaces, often have there own requirements when it comes to soundproofing. If you are looking for soundproof door sets which will help create a feeling of calm and quiet, then look no further.  



Protecting building users is a priority in commercial buildings. fire door sets are available with up to 120-minute fire protection with smoke seals for the highest levels of protection should the worst occur.

Original HGM doors

Veneer and high-pressure laminate doorsets are highly durable and suitable for office doors in high traffic environments and other commercial buildings. Veneer and laminate doorsets are available in a range of colours and finishes with contrasting or complementary architraves to suit the aesthetics of the building.


For over 60 years the name HGM has stood for the real and the unadulterated. The same surface material is always used for the door and frame. Regardless of whether it is real wood or lacquer. True quality is also evident in the perfect workmanship of the high-quality materials.

Fire Doors

Fire doors prevent the spread of a fire, secure escape routes in case of fire and facilitate the rescue of people and valuables.

commercial interior doors
commercial door sets in uk
commercial interior doors in uk