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Laminate Coloured Internal Doors

Laminate Coloured Internal Doors

Our laminate coloured internal doorsets come in classic white or contemporary colours. ASTRA doorsets integrate smooth but delicate colours without being intrusive. 

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Why CHOOSE our coloured interior doors?


MODERN Painting technology

Every lacquered door is lacquered in six layers, each of which is dried and hardened. This special painting technology guarantees a perfect, durable, real paint surface.


Laminate doors

Choosing laminate doors for your internal door solutions has made benefits. Laminate doors are durable, long-lasting and look fantastic! 


Timber structured

Laminate coloured internal doors are timber-structured, but have a man-made facing that recreates the natural feel of real wood. 


Laminate coloured interior doors are manufactured by means of an environmentally friendly cellulose surface. These coatings come with the standard woodgrain effect but are immune to real wood weaknesses. Laminates are in fact durable, robust as well as insensitive to Ultra Violet sunlight, heat and stains. 

your requirements

Match your internal doorset to your requirements as ASTRA coloured internal door sets are a great choice if you are looking for an internal door that is soundproof, fire resistant, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Please also check our range of Functional & Specialised Door Sets.

Colour choices

Plain white matte

Plain grey matte

Arctic matte

Onyx matt

Anthracite matte


Our coloured internal door ranges from ASTRA and Pur Weiss are perfect in form and function.