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Your Guide To Selecting Glass Door Sets

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Interior glass doors lend your home a contemporary style, with a wonderful feeling of light and space. They are available in a range of options, to perfectly enhance hallways, living areas, bathrooms, and more. If you are considering updating your old doors, or planning a new build project, here’s a quick guide to selecting the glass door sets.

Consider when Select a Glass Door Sets

Frameless Glass Doors

For that ultra-modern look, a frameless glass door will fit the bill perfectly. The sleek design dispenses with the need for a metal frame or other supporting structure, creating a beautifully clean and elegant appearance.

The glass is toughened to comply with all BS and EN safety standards, and in the rare event that it should break, it is designed to shatter in a way that causes the minimum risk of injuries. However, as long as the door is treated in the same manner that you would look after any valuable item of hardware in your home, it is unlikely to suffer any damage.

Clear Glass Doors

If you are selecting clear glass, you will generally find two options: standard, or low iron. The difference arises because glass naturally has a greenish tint, due to the level of iron oxide. Sometimes this natural tinge is unimportant, if the door has a largely functional purpose, or it tones with the interior décor of the room in any case.

However, in many cases, a greater level of clarity and neutrality of tone is needed to create the desired effect of space and light. Therefore, you can choose low iron glass, which is clearer, and thus has greater levels of light transmittance.

Opaque Glass Doors

For areas where greater levels of privacy are required, such as bathrooms, there are various options. Satin glass has a soft opaque appearance that still diffuses light, but is not transparent. Sandblasted glass is another great choice to strike a balance between light and discretion in the home.

Further options include patterned glass, and coloured tinted glass, or even a combination of two or three of these styles. A popular choice for modern bedrooms is mirror glass, which features a mirrored surface on one side, to create a feeling of space in the room, and colour/and or a design on the outer facing side of the door.

Other types of Glass Doors

For smaller spaces, sliding frameless glass doors are ideal. They can either be fitted with a pelmet to hide the clamps and rollers, or hung on a simple pole system for that ultra sleek touch.

For an even more minimalist take, you could install a pocket glass door, which ‘disappears’ neatly into a wall cavity. Piazza glass doors are a metal framed door, which have an industrial feel, and look great in both contemporary homes, and as an interesting way to add contrast in a period property.

Alternatively, you could have a traditional wooden or laminate door, with a cut out glazed panel to help the light flow around your home. The panel could be clear, patterned, tinted or coloured.

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