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Why The Right Commercial Doors Are Essential

choosing commercial doors

If you have bought new business premises, the chances are that they will not be ideally equipped for your purposes and will need some internal changes.

This is not just about painting the walls a different colour; there will often be good reasons to add some new internal commercial doors to enable the premises to be divided up in just the way you need; while others might need to be removed. This can help to create spaces of the desired size, ranging from opening up a large work area to creating smaller meeting rooms.

Qualities of Commercial Doors

For many work environments, commercial door sets need to use doors tailored to very specific needs. This can include being soundproof, fireproof and even keeping out radiation.

To do this, your doors must confirm to certain forms of certification to meet the minimum requirements under Approved Documents building regulations.

These will include Document B for fire safety, with the current regulations being based on laws passed in 2005 and 2006. Some of this may be updated in newer fire safety regulations in the wake of the Grenfell reports.

Other regulations concern areas such as sound insulation, ventilation and energy conservation. Resistance to sound will be particularly important if your commercial space involves noisy work, such as an engineering workshop.

You will certainly need doors that are robust and reliable. Because regulation 38 stipulates that these need to be checked every three months.

The UK fire regulations do not proscribe the use of certain materials for fire doors; they can be made of steel, glass or even wood. But in each case the rules contain particular stipulations to ensure they are safe. For instance, glass doors are made from flame-proof pyropanel glass.

All this means that if you are looking for internal doors for commercial premises. You will need to meet certain legal requirements, but there is still plenty of choice of materials and designs.