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When Do You Need To Replace A Fireproof Doors?

fire safety doors

When reopening your office, warehouse or commercial space, ensuring your building is as safe and hospitable as possible is vital. When it comes to commercial interior doors, you may be required to install fireproof doors in your building, which can reduce the spread of fire and save lives.

Typically the time when a fire door is replaced is the time it burns as the result of a fire. However, there may be cases when you need to replace a fireproof door sooner, due to wear and tear or poor installation.

To understand why you may need to replace your door, here are the inventive ways fireproof doors save lives.

How Do Fireproof Doors Work?

Fire doors or fireproof doors are doors that help to stop the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, providing more time for people to evacuate before smoke and fire spread throughout the building.

There is a range of innovations in both the door itself, its frame and other components that allow it to resist fire.

Most fire doors are made from timber, in combination with other materials, and the reason for this is that timber expands when intense heat hits it, which blocks smoke and fire for a certain time, usually either 30 or 60 minutes depending on the door.

If the door is cracked or damaged, this can cause the door to fail to stop flames, smoke and hot gases coming through, so your door will need to be replaced then.

As well as this, if the frame or hinges mean the door is not properly and completely set then smoke can still easily pass into the next room.

Most fire doors have self-closing hinges, so if that stops consistently working then that system if not the whole door needs replacing.

As well as this, even as the door expands it still needs to be usable as a door to stop people from being trapped on one side of it and allow firefighters to enter a room and tackle ablaze. If the door does not open properly it may need to be inspected and potentially replaced.