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What To Consider When Choosing Internal Doors

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Choosing internal doors can make a huge difference to your home. Of course, doors serve an important function to make the building soundproof, add privacy, divide space, and control the level of light. They are also a very visible feature, so some thought should be put into how they will complement the style of your house.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Internal Doors

The type and material of the door

Internal doors tend to be either made from solid wood, or have an engineered timber core, or have a hollow two-skin door. Your choice will be influenced by your budget, as solid doors tend to be more expensive. It will also depend on the function of the door; for example, the level of soundproofing required in the room.

Solid wood doors

These are usually made to measure, and are considered the most luxurious type of door. They particularly suit period homes, where the spirit of the original style of the house is a priority. They feel pleasingly weighty to open and close, and speak of quality and elegance, which will help to add value to the property, should you wish to sell it.

The drawbacks of solid wood doors can be that they require some maintenance to keep them in optimal condition, such as an annual sand and sealant. They can be prone to warping or even cracking, as they are moisture absorbent and also shrink or expand in response to temperature changes. They are not typically fire-resistant.

Hollow two-skin doors

These types of doors have a core of a honeycomb-like material, such as polystyrene, or corrugated cardboard. The outer layers are made from medium density fibreboard (MDF), a type of engineered wood. They feel much lighter than solid doors, due to the air pockets in the core. They are a very affordable alternative to natural solid wood doors.

The great advantage of this type of door is that they can have a wide range of finishes, designs, or colours, so you are bound to find something that will suit your taste. They are not as strong and sturdy as solid doors, but they are less prone to warping.

Engineered timber core doors

These are solid doors, but they are not made of 100% natural timber. They are comprised of multiple layers of engineered wood glued together. They are a good solution if you want the extra thermal protection and soundproofing of a solid door, but want to ensure a good fit all year round, as they are not prone to expanding and contracting.

What is a Doorset?

A doorset is inclusive of all the elements needed to fit the door in a new-build or renovated property, where there are no existing door linings, or if the linings need replacing. They can either be purchased bespoke or in a range of standard sizes, from doorset suppliers. Single leaf doors are used when the existing door lining doesn’t need to be replaced.

Styles of Internal Doors

This will depend on the function of the space; a home office will require a solid core door for soundproofing and privacy; a downstairs living area may benefit from the flow and light created by bi-folding internal doors with glazed panels.