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What Specialised Internal Door Sets Are Available?

specialised internal door

In some commercial or domestic settings, a regular internal door isn’t always the best solution. Here are some of the specialised internal door which are designed to provide an extra level of protection, convenience, security, or durability to certain areas.


Damp and Wet Room Doors

For bathrooms, saunas, swimming pools, or any other damp or wet areas, it’s important to install water-resistant doors. These are specially manufactured to withstand rooms with high levels of humidity, or where the door will be frequently exposed to condensation, dripping water, or spray.

Moisture resistant doors are typically either a one-piece construction, or have a laminate finish. They are designed to resist warping, rotting, and rusting, and are easy to clean. Even in areas where stringent hygiene standards need to be met, or chlorine is used, they will endure most cleaning and chemical agents.

Swing Doors

In commercial areas with high traffic, such as restaurant kitchens, retail outlets, and hospitals. Swing doors which open easily in both directions are essential for safety and convenience. The level of pressure required to open the door can be engineered to your specifications.

Sound Insulation

For both commercial door applications and domestic settings, acoustic doors provide an extra level of soundproofing. They are useful to have in certain areas of your home and office for an extra level of privacy, and to minimise disruption to other occupants or neighbours. They are also essential for commercial venues in the film and music industry.

Smoke protected doors

Smoke inhalation is responsible for an estimated 50-80% of all deaths or casualties in building fires. Therefore, smoke protected doors are essential to prevent smoke from spreading, and are a legal requirement in many public sector buildings such as medical centres. They should also be used in schools, large retail stores, offices, and hotels.

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