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What Are The Advantages Of Frameless Glass Doors?

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Internal frameless glass doors are a fashionable and rising trend at the moment. Initially a feature of cutting edge homes that starred in episodes of Grand Designs, they are now more accessible than ever before. Here are some of the advantages of frameless glass doors why this style of door is so popular right now.

6 Advantages of Frameless Glass Doors

They increase light and flow

The use of glass with minimal framing maximises the amount of light which flows in and around your property. They create a smooth and uninterrupted transition between each room and part of the house, providing warmth and soundproofing but not shutting any areas off, so small children can be kept an eye on.

Your property will benefit from an increased feeling of space and harmony, and the extra natural light contributes to better mental health and wellbeing. Glass doors are an increasingly sought-after feature, and may even make it easier to sell the property in the future.

They are very safe

You might assume that a glass door was fragile and prone to breakages, but the toughened glass is just as strong as alternatives such as MDF materials. The glass will be manufactured to strict safety regulations. In the unlikely event that it should shatter under a serious impact, it is designed to break up in a way that causes minimum injury.

There are a huge range of designs

Frameless glass doors can be adapted to a wide range of styles, whether hinged, swing, sliding, double or single. For rooms which require extra privacy, choose from satin, coloured, or opaque glass ranges, or even sandblasted glass. There are also glass doors finished with elegant and contemporary designs and patterns for that super stylish touch.

They are easy to maintain

Frameless glass doors require no sealing or treatments, and won’t warp or shrink. There are no fiddly multiple panels and mechanisms to keep clean and dust-free; you can simply wash them down with cold water and a squeegee from time to time to keep them sparkling and in tip-top condition.

They maximise the views

If you live in a beautiful area, or have a stunning garden, you will be able to glance up and see the life-enhancing views wherever you are in your house. The blending of indoors and outdoors is a key trend in home design at the moment, as more and more of us seek the sanctuary and solace that nature can provide.

They provide good sound insulation

If you work from home and spend a lot of time on conference calls, you will know how important it is to have a quiet space to work in. Even if you or a family member wants to watch TV in one room while someone else reads or studies in another, soundproofing matters.

Glass is a very dense material, so it provides a high level of soundproofing, depending on the thickness of the glass. If you have special requirements for acoustic control, if you practice music or voice recordings at home for example, you can discuss specific levels of noise reduction with the manufacturer.

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