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Ways To Create A Forever Home Revealed

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It seems that a growing number of UK homeowners have decided that they can transform their current abode into their forever home.

Create a forever Home Revealed

Property Reporter shared the findings of a survey by LV= General Insurance, which found that 86 per cent of UK homeowners have decided that they’ll stay in their current home and make improvements, rather than searching for somewhere new.

This equates to approximately 15 million people, which means that there could be an increasing number of us carrying out DIY and other renovations on our properties in the coming year.

What’s more, three in ten (28 per cent) of the homeowners who said they already live in their forever home revealed that they did exactly this to create a property they would be happy to live in long term.

The insurer also asked people to share the top changes they’d make to transform their property into their forever home. At the top of the list is redecorating in a style that works for them, with 58 per cent stating that this is one of the things they’d do.

Not far behind was renovating the kitchen, with 50 per cent naming this as a project they’d like to undertake in 2020. Also in the top five were landscaping the garden, extending the house and painting the exterior of the house.

LV= General Insurance also asked the people what criteria a forever home would need to meet. At the top of the list was a garden, which is important for 59 per cent of people. The number of bedrooms was next, followed by access to amenities.

Having parking space and access to transport links completed the top five things that people look for.

Heather Smith, managing director of the LV= General Insurance Direct, said that carrying out renovations is great, but urged people to make sure they notify their insurer so that they’re covered throughout the whole process.

“Renovations can take up a lot of time and money, and with your home being your most valuable possession, it’s important to have the right protection for your home and its contents,” she asserted.

“We’d encourage people to tell their insurer about any planned structural work, such as an extension, loft conversion or new roof, to ensure that cover is in place,” Ms Smith added.

If you decide that you’re simply going to redecorate your property to make it better suit your personality and style, don’t stop with just a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Think about every aspect of your interior and consider investing in wooden door sets to tie your whole look together.

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They include introducing vintage accents into your space, either through antique pieces of furniture or maybe fabrics that have a vintage quality to them.

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