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Warm Up Homes Before ‘Icy Blast’ Arrives

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There is never a better time to update the fixtures and fittings of your home than before winter, so you can make sure your house can keep out the cold air as much as possible.

Homeowners will certainly need all the help they can get to warm up their properties over the next few weeks, as weather forecasters have predicted temperatures are set to plumet.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden spoke to The Express about how autumn will suddenly transcend into winter before we know it, with many areas of the country potentially being covered by a blanket of snow shortly.

“Widespread frosts and fog will be a common feature, and the possibility is there of a number of snow events across northern Britain,” he stated.

This cold weather is expected to last until at least the beginning of December, and there are even predictions a White Christmas could be on the cards this year.

Mr Madden estimated: “Widespread and heavy snow showers are increasingly likely through the second half of December.”

Therefore, it is a race against time for homeowners to weather-proof their home, so they don’t feel the chill this winter.

One of the best ways to do this is simply by investing in good-quality, luxury internal doors. These make sure warm air is trapped inside the room, preventing the flow of cold air around the house.

Another tip to keep your property as cosy as possible during the colder months is to use draught blockers on doors that have gaps underneath them.

This creates a seal at the bottom of the door, preventing old air from entering.