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Upgrade Your Home With Replacement Interior Doors

repaint an internal door in uk

Upgrading your internal doors is one of the easiest and best ways to improve the appearance of a room without having to go to the lengths of fully refurbishing it.

Doors can often be overlooked when considering home makeovers, with more attention usually made to make a grand entrance, not the entrance itself. But interior doors add architectural features to your home and can help define your unique style. We have a look at some of the reasons to consider replacement interior doors.

The reasons to consider replacement interior doors

A mismatch of style

If the doors in your home are a mismatch of style, materials, and colours, you should consider replacing them. A space can lose unity if all the doors in the same area of a home. Such as the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms and hallways, don’t match or complement each other.

Damaged Doors

Doors that have become warped over the years and no longer fit in their frames, and cheap, hollow-core doors that get easily damaged are worth replacing.

Too much draft or noise?

When doors no longer for properly, they can be prone to drafts, and can also lose any soundproofing properties.

Thin or Non-Insulated Interior Doors

Often the doors installed by contractors and homeowners can be made from inexpensive materials, and be very thin, meaning they will not provide insulation, which, depending on where the doors are, can cause problems.

So, what sort of door should you replace them with?

There are many types of interior doors to choose from and in a range of materials and styles. The style may depend on the rooms they are connecting, but here are the main materials that doors are typically made from.

Solid wood: The most common wood used for doors is pine, but you can also find doors made from hard and softwoods including cherry, mahogany, alder, maple, pine, and poplar. Wooden doors can be painted or stained, and wood also has superior heat and sound insulating properties.

Engineered wood: This is a wood composite made from recycled wood fibre. Interior doors made from engineered wood are more stable and durable than wood doors and with a smoother surface for painting than wood. Intricate designs and architectural styling can be achieved with engineered wood and it’s much less expensive than other materials.

Bi-fold Doors: These are commonly used in passageways or closets where space is at a premium. Interior bifold doors consist of two narrow door panels that are hinged together.

Fire-Resistant Doors can offer up to a half-hour of protection in the event of a house fire and are a great choice for bedrooms.

While interior doors are important components of your home, ensuring that you select the right replacement doors for your space is vital. From selecting the right hardware to choosing the right style, consider all your options when looking for new interior doors.

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