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prevent draughty doors

With winter fast approaching, many of us are considering ways to improve our energy efficiency and lower our heating bills.

However, few people consider that by changing their internal door kits to ones with a focus on insulation, you can ensure that your heating does not have to work any harder than it needs to.

Draughts happen as a side effect of the convection cycle, where warm air rises, cools and falls, gradually cycling around the room and heating a space.

The problem with a draughty door is that this warm air leaks out to where you do not want it to go, leaving you out in the cold.

Here are some top tips howto prevent draughty doors from causing freezing cold nights.

Prevent Draughty Doors From Causing Cold Nights

Try Door Snakes

door snake (sometimes just called a draught blocker) is a simple but highly effective way to stop cold air from getting into a room via the bottom of the door, simply by creating a seal using a soft, insulating material.

You can find them available in any homeware store, but you can also make one yourself by filling a long cloth tube with rice or another thick filler material.

Alternatively, if that does not appear to work, you can hang an old quilt over the entire door to stop draughts.

Hang Up Portières

Sometimes the oldest tricks are the best. Before internal doors were the standard, homes had drapes or curtains hung over the door frame to add privacy and reduce draughts, keeping cold air in unused rooms.

Look At Uncovered Gaps

Cold air can get in through any uncovered gaps, which can include internal keyholes if you use old-style locks that are not a self-contained unit. Use retractable keyhole covers to keep the cool air out and warm air in.