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Top Tips To Make Your Home Appealing To Prospective Buyers

We all know that we can make snap judgements about all kinds of things, including about homes we’re considering purchasing. In a recent survey by the HomeOwners Alliance (HOA), 68 per cent of home buyers said that kerb appeal was important to them.

This refers to how your home looks on the outside, before someone has even set foot inside your abode.

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market in the coming months, it’s certainly worth taking the time to spruce up the exterior to make it as appealing to potential buyers as possible.

Although you need to make sure whatever they see on the outside follows through in the interior, so consider whether spending money on something like internal doorsets in the UK is also a sensible investment.

So, what elements of your property should you be focusing on to give it that sought-after kerb appeal? According to the survey one of the top things to look at is your windows. 71 per cent of those questioned said that the state of the glazing was something they’d look at.

It might be as simple as a new coat of paint on the frames and sills, or if they’re worse for wear and not double glazed then replacing all of them is the way to go.

Making sure that your roof is in good condition, with no missing or cracked tiles, is also advisable, as 68 per cent said that they’d check this when viewing a property. A tidy front garden and a well-maintained drive and pathway to the front door were among the other things people would look at.

The front door itself doesn’t escape scrutiny either. Just over half of those questioned said that they’d be looking for a well-maintained and attractive front door.

Chief executive of the HOA Paula Higgins commented: “Most buyers make up their minds within the first few minutes of arriving at a property. So, if you’re about to put your home on the market this autumn or your house has been on sale for a while, it’s worth going through this list and seeing what improvements you can make.”

The good news for those planning to sell is that many of the improvements suggested by the HOA are relatively low cost, which means they’re worth doing even if you’re planning to move in the near future.

With uncertainty over how the country’s economy will perform in the coming months and years, and with Brexit still on the horizon, it’s understandable that many people will instead be looking to make improvements to their properties rather than selling.

Mortgage Solutions recently highlighted research by Leeds Building Society, which found that paying for home improvements is one of the main uses of mortgage cashback, which is offered by some lenders when you take out a mortgage with them.

Paying for stamp duty or other moving costs, as well as beginning to overpay the mortgage immediately were the other main uses cited for cashback payments, the lender found.