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Top Tips To Improve Your Home And Your Wellbeing

You may not initially think that carrying out home renovations will improve your wellbeing, but if you make the right choices with your interior design projects you could see your mood improve as well as the appearance of your space.

A recent article for Homes & Property noted that over half (59 per cent) of Londoners are planning to improve rather than move, according to a new survey from Post Office Money.

What’s more, almost half of the people who responded to the survey (46 per cent) said that they were planning home improvements for their own benefit, rather than to boost the resale value of their home.

One interior design expert offered some advice to anyone who’s planning to carry out renovations in the coming months. Speaking to the news provider, Jo Dyson, a partner at Mae House Design and the renovation and interiors expert at the London Homebuilding & Renovating Show, suggested which areas to focus on to boost your wellbeing.

At the top of the list is lighting. In particular, you should be looking for ways to maximise the natural light that floods into your home.

“You could remove interior walls that block light or you might add extra windows, or widen hallways,” she suggested. Even just spending time observing how the light moves around different rooms in your home can give you ideas on how to rearrange your furniture, or swap their use.

She also noted that while you want natural light in most parts of your home, one area where you need to consider less light is the bedroom. Looking at ways to block the light overnight and ensure you have a good night’s rest is another place to look for improvements that could boost your wellbeing.

One really simple tip to make you feel better at home is to introduce more plants to your space. Succulents and air purifying plants are a great option for indoors. But you should also look at how you can make your indoor spaces flow into the outdoor ones.

“Ensure that the flooring that links your living space to a garden or roof terrace is the same or similar to when the doors to the outside are pushed back,” she advised.

Another thing to consider if you’re looking for improvements that will help your wellbeing is the acoustics in your home. This is particularly crucial if you live in a flat or a property that shares a wall with your neighbours.

Introducing better sound insulation could reduce a lot of the noise you get from neighbouring properties, but consider also how sound travels around your home.

If you want to make sure you have a quiet sanctuary away from the rest of the family, you may want to consider new internal doorsets in the UK to help you create peace and quiet in specific rooms. The news provider suggested swapping your internal doors for double glazed ones to help with sound insulation.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home in the immediate future, it’s still worth considering how any renovations you carry out might impact its value. The Huffington Post recently shared a list of some of the changes that can harm a property’s value.

They included over-the-top and costly kitchen renovations, as well as fully converting a bedroom to another use. Removing built-in storage space is one thing to avoid. If you leave this in place, it can more easily be returned to a bedroom when you move out, even if you’ve used it for another purpose in the meantime.