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Top Tips For Sustainable Office Design

As a topic, climate change is virtually inescapable these days, so it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses and consumers alike to prioritise sustainability wherever and whenever they can.

Organisations considering an office move or refit at the moment could take this as a golden opportunity to make their working environments more eco-friendly… and let’s not forget that improving your green credentials can also prove very good for business and perhaps attract a new demographic that may not have considered you before.

Remember that the goal is to reduce as much energy consumption and waste as you possibly can, so consider the likes of refrigeration, heating, plumbing and so on, as well as your office equipment.

If possible, also try to increase the amount of natural light that enters your office spaces, so you can make use of daytime lighting and therefore rely on electricity less. And a very easy eco-friendly step you can make is to switch all traditional light bulbs for energy-saving LED lighting to help when you do have to have the lights on.

Choosing sustainable materials for your office furniture is a great way to improve the eco-friendliness of your workspaces. It’s also a good opportunity to choose recyclable materials so that if you do decide to have another refurb in the future, you know you’re avoiding creating too much waste.

See how the UK Green Building Council succeeded in achieving the lowest embodied carbon footprint ever recorded for a UK office refurbishment after redoing its London headquarters in 2016.

It succeeded in achieving a 48 per cent decrease in carbon emissions from lighting, 99.4 per cent of all construction waste was diverted from landfill and 98 per cent of the original fixtures and finishes were either reused or repurposed.doorsest

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