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Top Tips For Repainting Internal Doors

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The inspiration to redecorate can come to you at any time of the year, but with plenty of people spending more time in their homes, it is only natural that they want to give their rooms a little redecoration.

A big part of any major redecoration is making sure you have luxury internal doors that match the colour scheme and theme of the room. Over 366 million litres of paint were sold in the UK last year, highlighting just how many of us had the urge to repaint and rejuvenate.

A repaint, reseal or wash can have a significant effect on how your room looks, so here are the top tips for repainting internal doors in your home.

Top 3 Tips for Repainting Internal Doors

Check If You Need To Prime

Before you apply a fresh coat of paint to your doors, it is important to check what paint is currently on the door to ensure your new coat will stick.

A simple test for this is to dampen a white cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub it against the door. If the paint transfers to the rag, then it is coated with latex-based paint and so you will not need to prime it.

If nothing comes off you will need to use a primer first as you are dealing with oil-based paints.

Make Sure Your Trim Matches

The general rule of thumb here is that for lighter, neutral colours, you should use the same colour for the door trim. However, for darker shades, you can use a complimentary neutral colour or off-white tone, be sure to paint this first.

Paint In One Go

Paints can start to dry very quickly, so if you take a break they can dry unevenly, so be sure to carve out enough time to paint the whole door at once.

Once the first coat is dry, sand the door with 320-grit sandpaper, clear the residual dust and apply your second coat.

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