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Top Tips For Planning A Home Renovation Project

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If like many people, you’ve decided that you need to carry out a bit of renovation work on your home; there are several elements you should consider before you get started. Planning properly will not only mean that the work you do goes more smoothly, but also that you’re less likely to go over budget.

Planning A Home Renovation Project

An article for the Hampshire Chronicle recently shared some advice to come out from Houzz, a leading platform for planning a home renovation and interior inspiration. 

According to figures from the website, demand for building and home renovation professionals soared by 102 per cent in August of this year compared to the same month in 2019; which certainly suggests that many of us evaluated what we want from our homes during the lockdown and decided to make some changes. 

The first rule of any renovation project, according to the platform, is to plan. It pointed out that in many cases the planning phase will take longer than the construction work itself. 

For example, the 2020 Houzz & Home Report revealed that planning for large-scale renovation projects takes anywhere from five to 12 months, depending on the room that is being revamped.

Kitchens, for example, take an average of ten months to plan with just five months required for the construction and fitting. Bathrooms, meanwhile, take around seven months to plan and three months for construction.

The news provider noted that it’s well worth taking the time to plan your project thoroughly as this can save you valuable time and money in the long run.

When you’re working with a building professional; it’s best to trust them and listen to the advice they give you about what’s possible within the timescale and budget you have in mind. This is particularly the case in the design stage.

Take the time to find a designer you really trust and then listen to their recommendations; as they may see a project slightly differently and be able to introduce elements you hadn’t considered, but that can be very useful or stylish.

One of the big issues many people run into when they’re carrying out large-scale home improvements is going over budget. To avoid the stress associated with spending more than you have available; make sure you have a contingency fund.

The publication noted that just 51 per cent of renovation projects stayed on budget during 2019; so it’s sensible to plan to spend a little more so that you don’t end up with a nasty surprise part-way through your project. 

Stephen Fletcher, from Stephen Fletcher Architects, told the news provider that it’s advisable to set funds that are five to ten per cent of your total budget aside to cover any unexpected expenses.

A report for home security firm Ring recently found that following lockdown, 67 per cent of Brits see their home as a place of comfort and sanctuary, Wales Online reported. It, therefore, makes sense that you’ll want to do what you can to increase your feeling of comfort in this environment.

There are many home improvement projects you can undertake, but if you’re carrying out large-scale renovations make sure you don’t forget to look for luxury internal doors that can help bring the various rooms in your home together and complete the design you’re going for.

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