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Top 4 Interior Door Trends For 2022

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All too often, interior doors are overlooked when it comes to redesigning our homes. They might be considered as just a means to get from one room to another, but they can define and enhance the spaces they are connected to.

If you’re looking to keep up with the interior design trends for 2022, then we have a look at four of the most popular interior door trends.

Space-Saving Doors

Sliding doors, or barn doors, can help you save space, as you do not have to account for the space needed for the door to swing open when placing furniture.

Wooden barn doors are ideal for the cottage come rustic vibe, while other materials can help provide the ideal solution for more modern styling, with minimal hardware and in neutral colours.

Doors that Boost Natural Light

Glass doors are perfect for allowing more light to flood an otherwise dark room, particularly glass French doors. They can be striking addition for wide and bulb doors as well as tall doors. You can add a little flair with some elements of stained glass.

Artful Doors

Are need not be reserved just for the walls, as doors can be pieces of art in and of themselves. A bold coloured door can make a statement, making it stand out from the wall it is set in, or perhaps choose a finish that adds an interesting texture to the door, or add intricate and interesting hardware.

Bi-Fold Patio Doors

Bi-fold doors are becoming popular for doors that connect to patio spaces. Lately, interior design has focused on trying to connect interior and exterior spaces, and doors are the key to that. Bi-fold doors allow you to have a more open, or more closed space. They are like sliding doors with a European flair, which can work for a huge range of interior and exterior styles.

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