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Small home renovation tips

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Renovating a smaller home can present a few problems, especially if you’re aiming to create a more spacious feel. But with the right approach, it is possible to create a living space that appears larger than it is.

Careful consideration of your interior design plans, as well as knowing what not to do, will help you transform a small home into a spacious palace! We have some tips for small home renovation.

Tips for Renovating Your Home

Install Internal Doors

Doors are the most important thing in home renovation. Modern internal doors come in an assortment of colours, designs, and finishes, including doors with windows or frameless glass doors that will flood the room with light. Sliding barn doors are also an option to eliminate the space needed for doors to swing open.

Installing double doors can also be an effective way to make a room feel bigger. Double doors can make a space feel larger than it is, and also help create an open plan feel when they are open.

Opt for a darker kitchen area

It might seem logical to think that a bright and airy kitchen is the best option for a small home, but darker kitchen areas tend to feel larger and more spacious than they are. Consider black tiling, dark cabinets, and clever storage options to eliminate clutter.

Install a corner bathtub

Corner bathtubs are a spacious and indulgent type of bath and can feel spacious and luxurious in a smaller bathroom. Switching out a standard bathtub and shower for a corner bath will add more space to the room too.

Switch out carpeting for larger tiles

The carpet might be comfortable and help keep your home feeling warm, but it can make small rooms feel smaller, as can smaller tiles.

Consider using larger format tiles, and the bigger the tile, the larger the space will feel. You can add an area rug to reintroduce the comfort and warmth of textiles.

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