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Tips On How To Refresh The Kitchen

We can all get lost browsing the latest kitchens and trends in the glossy interior design magazines, and a lot of the featured homes are purely aspirational. Most of us do not have the time, the space, nor the budget for a completely new kitchen.

There are many ways to give your kitchen a worthy update without ripping it all out and starting a complete remodelling. The home of luxury internal doors has the simple decorating tips you need.

As we enter a room, the first thing that will get our attention is what we see at eye level, and so the most effective and striking change you can make is to decorate the kitchen walls. Many of the magazine kitchens photographed have an emphasis on the appliances, kitchen countertops, and the latest gadgets and technology.

The walls are where you can make a huge impact without the layout for replacing expensive fittings and appliances. Keeping an eye on the latest kitchen trends and updating your kitchen wall decor with design-savvy changes can transform your cooking and dining experience.

Colour can be the quickest and cheapest way to transform a room, and there is a simple trick to achieve a striking colour scheme for your kitchen, the three-colour palette.

The first colour should be an existing kitchen colour that would be difficult to change such as the cabinets, or countertops. The second colour generally tends to be a neutral shade, that compliments colour one, and this should be used on the walls to provide a backdrop for the decor.

The third colour is the one that will make your kitchen unique. Choose a bold, adventurous colour as a statement, and use that for your kitchen furniture, stools, chairs, and for your accessories and decor, such as cookware, utensils, and vases and ornaments. Experiment with paint swatches until you find just the right combinations, and remember to keep hold of the swatches for reference.

If you’ve succeeded in refreshing the kitchen with fresh, on-trend colours, a feature wall, and updated accessories, then the next step is to layer it all up. One of the latest trends in kitchen design is open shelving instead of cabinets. This gives the impression of having much more space, and will lighten up a kitchen, as long as you hide the mismatched dinnerware and Tupperware!

Removing the doors on a couple of cabinets can make a bigger change. Add wallpaper to the rear of the cabinet, and add LED under-cabinet lighting to bring the new open plan shelves to life. If wiring is potentially an issue, then battery-powered LED strip lights are available.

Storage can always be an issue, especially in smaller kitchens. It’s essential to find places to store things that don’t have everyday use or aesthetic value to the kitchen and to minimise clutter.  Small spaces tend to feel cramped when they are cluttered. Minimise when it comes to choosing appliances, utensils and other accessories.

Consider a kitchen trolley, or a butcher’s block on casters, which provides an additional prep surface when you need it, tucks away when you don’t and also offers extra storage for cookery books, pots and pans.

An essential part of the room will always be the entrance, so don’t forget to add luxury internal doors to complete the whole look.