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The UK’s Most Googled DIY Questions Revealed!

DIY Questions of 2021

Many of us have carried out home improvement projects over the last 12 months, with lockdown restrictions keeping us in the house a lot more than we would usually be – and that has, of course, meant that many of us have also attempted all sorts of DIY jobs.

The Most Googled DIY Questions of 2021

Research from JustBoilers.com has revealed the most Googled DIY questions of 2021, reported on by RealHomes, and it could prove useful reading if you are about to start a renovation project of your own in the near future.

At the top of the list was how to bleed a radiator, which you would be wise to do once a year. Radiators need this when they have air trapped inside, which will prevent warm water from circulating the system, meaning it can be cold at the top but warm at the bottom.

How to read a smart meter came second in the rundown, followed by how to measure curtains, how to fit and lay laminate flooring, how to change a light bulb and how to hang a door.

Interestingly, if you’re looking for a quick DIY win, changing the doors at home can make a very real difference to the look and feel of a room. And hanging them needn’t be tricky if you invest in door sets, fully factory-assembled units that contain the door leaf, frame, locks, hinges, rubber gaskets and adjustable architraves.

If they come with an easy fit system, the entire door set can be fully installed at home or work in around half an hour. An instant update in no time at all!