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The Most Welcoming Doors For Hospitable Homes

Home Improvements

He announcement of the government’s roadmap to unlocking England over the next few months as the vaccines are rolled out and Coronavirus infections (hopefully) plunge will have got a lot of people thinking about when they can entertain house guests again.

Scots will be thinking likewise with first minister Nicola Sturgeon outlining the exit strategy there as well.

For millions, the pandemic has brought a major change to how they live at home, with a house that might once have frequently welcomed guests becoming a place of shelter and refuge from potential infection.

However, with the stay-at-home orders set to go, the rule of six set to return and the tantalising promise that June 21st could bring a final end to social distancing.


Welcome Your Party Guests

While a long, light summer evening could be a great occasion for a barbecue, there will be months to follow when the parties will head indoors, with people separated from friends and family for so long taking every opportunity to meet up.

With homes becoming busy places full of visitors, now may be a good time for householders to consider how to make their home look exceptionally welcoming.

Few elements of a home can be more important than the door. After all, this is the ultimate signifier of whether an outsider is welcome to enter or not. If it is closed, the signal is to stay away. If it is open, it should say “come in”, but sometimes it can still look shadowy or foreboding.

That is why painting it a bright colour and adding attractive touches such as a ‘welcome’ sign can make a difference. When night falls, a light to illuminate the space can also make a huge difference.

A Glass Door To A Better Flow

However, it is internal doors that make the main difference. According to Yorkshire Magazine, these can play a major part in creating a real warmth and party spirit. As well as recommending a “cute doorstep” to welcome them in, it advises keeping internal doors open to encourage people to fill various different spaces and prevent the party becoming “stagnant”.

While keeping doors open is obviously central to this, if you really want your home to be a place where this flow of people is encouraged, internal frameless glass doors are a great option, as they add visibility and a perception of width; nothing looks like a no-go area.

This means they can be ideal as a conduit for the flow of people between spaces such as the dining room and the sitting room, which in a party would act as the respective spaces for a table covered in party food and the chief gathering space.

Keep It Clean

Another tip from Yorkshire Magazine was about cleanliness, and of course you want your home to look nice before guests arrive. Glass doors are, of course, simple to clean and you won’t find it hard to spot any grime on them, so nothing will be missed.

With spring on the way, you might be keen to spruce up your home at this time of year anyway. But with hopes rising of a great summer of freedom, now is a great time to start making changes with parties in mind.

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