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The Best Way To Stop Squeaky Doors

When it comes to issues with residential doors, a door that makes a loud noise is annoying but also a problem that can be very easily rectified.

Squeaky doors are caused by friction against your metal hinges, often a result of dirt and dust building up around them, and many products are out there to help re-lubricate your door and get rid of the squeak, at least for a moment.

How to stop Squeaky Doors?

Lubricants tend to come in three main forms, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on how much mess they make, how long they last and affordability.

Oil Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants are the traditional way of unsqueaking a door and are very effective at the task. They tend to be waterproof, are suitable for all kinds of jobs outside of squeaky doors and are very cheap.

However, given that they are oils, they can attract dirt and cause a rather significant mess if you are not careful. If you do use oil, make sure to put cloth or newspaper down under the door to catch any drips of oil, and avoid touching the door with your clothes if you can.

Stick Lubricants

Also known as solid lubricants, stick lubricants look like giant lip balm dispensers and are a waxy alternative to typical oil-based lubricants.

Whilst it is a little more expensive and takes a little more work to apply than either of the two other types, it is very difficult to overapply, has weatherproofing abilities and is considerably less messy, ensuring that your doors last longer.

Spray Lubricants

Many people break out WD-40 to deal with squeaking hinges and wheels, and it is not difficult to see why.

Spray lubricants are pretty simple to apply, and once you spray them on they tend not to drip that much, whilst the tiny droplets get to work deep in the hinges, making them the best and most effective option to stop a door squeaking speedily.

They are also the most expensive option, however, and lack the versatility of oils or the longevity of a stick lubricant.