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Small Apartment Decorating Ideas And Tips

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If you’re living in a smaller house or apartment, and often feel like you’re living in a dark box, then there are many ways you can maximise the space you have to create the illusion of a larger, brighter space.

No matter whether you’re hoping to refresh the entire home or just one room we shared some small apartment decorating ideas and tips to get you started!

Top 6 Tips On Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

  1. Tiny Apartment Layout Dos and Don’ts

The layout of furniture in a smaller room can make or break the space because furniture can take up significant space. Here are a few dos and don’ts for planning your furniture layout.


  • Use multi-functional furniture pieces.
  • Consider expandable or stackable tables that can be tucked away when not in use.
  • Plan an open space layout, even if it means pacing furniture against walls.


  • Block pathways with furniture, as that will make it more cramped.
  • Display all your decorations, trinkets, books, etc throughout your space. Develop an organising system or declutter.
  1. Use oversized wall mirrors

Mirrors can make a room feel larger by creating an illusion of depth as they bounce light deeper into the room.

  1. Glass tables and transparent decor

A glass or transparent acrylic table will allow them to inconspicuously blend into the room, granting an open and airy vibe.

  1. Pick a sofa with low height and profile

To release further space, look for alternatives to traditional and potentially bulky sofas, such as oversized daybeds, chaises, and sofa beds. As long as it has a backrest and can function as a regular sofa, these can also provide immediate savings with minimal sacrifice in terms of function.

  1. Use tall bookshelves and wall shelves

If floor space in a room is limited, tall bookshelves and wall shelves can maximise your storage space while minimising clutter, as well as being a great way to exhibit your wall art and memorabilia.

  1. Make it a well-lit space

Allowing as much natural light into a room can make it feel larger and airier. If the room doesn’t get much natural light, consider internal frameless glass doors to make use of the natural light in the next room, or use light fittings to brighten up your space.

Make the most of smaller rooms and apartments by creating the illusion of space with these decorating tips. Always try to keep smaller spaces simple and minimal, but feel free to experiment and see how things look.

Do play around with lighting and reflections for an open and airy vibe so use an oversized wall or floor mirror, glass tables, transparent decors, to make your space well-lit. Let the natural light in and expand your wall space and ceiling height by using taller and wider curtains in small windows.

Keep it simple, and try not to overcomplicate things. If you play around with what you already have, you may not need to purchase so much to create a whole new look.

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