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Redecorating Mistakes To Avoid

Property owners geared up for redecorating their homes should take a step back before they get carried away with bright-coloured paints and eclectic furniture, as there are some common mistakes that many of us make with our interior design.


  • Layout

It is essential you give a lot of consideration to the layout of the room you are redecorating as it can really make a difference to the overall design and ambience of the space.

New York architect Elizabeth Roberts told Yahoo! Style that living room layouts, in particular, should be designed with social gatherings in mind.

“It’s important to consider and create conversation groupings, especially if the room is long and narrow like many townhouses and lofts,” she said.

The architect reminded homeowners to think about the views from the sofa or armchairs as well as the overall look of where they are situated.


  • Spend more for quality

Not many people like to spend a fortune on new furniture, paint, wallpaper and embellishments, but, for some things, it is very obvious if you scrimp on the cost.

The quality of certain features matters more than others, such as doors, sofas, artwork, and carpet. These all suffer from wear and tear, and are not likely to last a long time if you buy the cheapest version.

Instead look for good-quality real wood doors, couches that will stand the test of time, unique pieces of art, and carpets with a wool pile as these will add a special something to the room.


  • Get the right-sized rug

It sounds simple but making sure you get the right-sized rug, curtains or furniture can make a huge difference to the room.

Jaclyn Harper of Harper Designs told Livabl_ that many people make the mistake of getting a small rug, as large ones can be “costly and quite a scary commitment”.

Therefore, she says it is essential to measure the available space first to get the perfect-sized rug instead.

“A good rule of thumb is to buy rugs that are large enough to fit at least two of each of your furniture legs on it and/or all of the furniture legs,” Ms Harper suggested.

Similarly, it is a cardinal sin for curtains to be hung so they do not reach the bottom of the window, or to fit furniture that is either too large or too small for the space.


  • Accent walls

A few years ago, everyone redecorated their homes with an accent wall, but much like bold-patterned wallpapered walls before them, they have served their time and are no longer on-trend.

According to Rebecca Hay, principal of Rebecca Hay Designs, you should not even think about painting one wall a strong, bright colour, and if you already have one, it is time to paint over it.

“Nowadays, the trend is all or nothing,” she stated, adding: “Show everyone that you are confident in your choices!”

This could mean painting the entire room a deep colour, instead of just one wall. Alternatively, you could adopt another current popular trend, and opt for a clean slate entirely by painting every wall a stark white.