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Must-Know Tips for Installing New Internal Doors

install new internal doors

Installing new internal doors can be a relatively easy task for experienced DIY enthusiasts, but for most people, it would require some guidance to ensure the fitting goes as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Whether you’re wanting to refresh a room with new internal doors, or looking to introduce more natural light into your home by installing doors with glass panels, purchasing new doors is an investment, so taking care with the installation is a must.

How to install internal doors?

We have some tips to help when it comes to installing new internal doors.

Door Measurements

It is essential to take the correct measurements of your current door before you can install your new door to ensure it is a perfect fit. You don’t want it to arrive and be too big or too small, so measure twice, cut once!


Your new door may require trimming to get a precise fit. Trimming your new door down to size is easier than many people may think, and you’ll need a pencil, tape measure, a wood plane, a hand saw, and small wooden wedges.

The hand plane will shave off equal amounts from each side, and to achieve a well-fitted door, it should have a 2mm gap around all the edges.

Installing Hinges To The Frame

Before you get started installing hinges to the frame, you need to check that the new hinges fit the old ones in the frame. If they don’t, you need to carefully mark where the new ones will be and then chisel away the extra wood.

Once all of the hinge positions are marked, screw each hinge with a centre screw. If you’re installing a real wood veneer, moulded or MDF door, you need 2 hinges whereas primed doors need 3 hinges. It’s recommended to use 3 hinges per door on all doors.

Installing Hinges to The Door

Once you have all the correct measurements and attached the hinges to the frame, it’s time to attach the hinges to the door itself.

Most doors use the standard butt hinge – there is no specific place where these should be fitted, but installing them on the top and bottom for stability (and middle). Mark the position of the hinge on the door by opening it at right angles and laying it on the side of the door. With a chisel, you should cut out where your markings are placed.

Do not attempt to chisel hinge recess in one go. You should cut inside the line of where you have marked

There are many different types of doors that you can install, whether it’s bifold, glazed, french doors and plenty more. It’s essential that with each of these installations, the process will differ. However, the tips we’ve mentioned throughout this article do apply to most, if not all, and can still be used to help you with your installation process.

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