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Is DIY Helping Your Mental Health?

DIY Questions of 2021

If you’ve been getting stuck into DIY during lockdown, has it been helping your mental health? The Mirror recently shared the findings of a survey commissioned by Ronseal, which found that three-quarters of people get a mental boost when they complete a DIY task.

DIY Activities On Your Mental Health

Two out of five people said that they felt “satisfied” after completing DIY, with 15 per cent even stating that it made them feel calm.

During lockdown, the survey found that DIY had helped two-thirds of people to tackle their boredom, with one-third of those questioned also stating that they felt it meant they had something to show for their time.

Meanwhile, Property Reporter recently suggested that lockdown could result in a DIY boom in the UK, because a slowdown in the housing market will mean more people are staying in their homes and improving them rather than moving elsewhere.

It cited research from HaMuch.com, which revealed that during the last recession between 2008 and 2011 although the housing market dipped by an average of 1.1 per cent a year, the DIY sector experienced year-on-year growth of 6.9 per cent in the same period.

Founder and CEO of HaMuch Tarquin Purdie said that anyone who’s planning to carry out some DIY instead of moving home should make sure they get help from tradespeople when they need it.

“Plan ahead, double-check measurements, colours and fittings, and carry out the work once,” he stated, adding, “Never attempt anything above your skillset or that could be potentially dangerous.”

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