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Influencers Shifting From Fashion To Interior Design

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Love them or loathe them, the Instagram influencers hold some sway over the retail decisions many people make. 91 per cent of millennials trust their online reviews, and department stores are collaborating with bloggers, according to 365 Retail.

Why Fashion Influencers are Shifting to Interior Design

Influencers are usually more associated with fashion, beauty, and travel, but there has been recent scrutiny over some of their practices, such as promoting fast fashion, which is a major ecological problem for the fashion industry.

This is due to the supply chain of cheap clothing to meet trends, causing overconsumption, encouraging disposability, and contributing to a throwaway culture which causes more pollution.

More influencers are now turning towards interior design and in particular more sustainable practices. There is far greater longevity in interiors, more mindful consumerism. People are less likely to throw away furniture than they are with old clothes.

Some Instagrammers, such as Rachel, who runs a home interior account @MrsElizabethHome, has built up her 90,000 followers in the past year.

“I’ve definitely seen an increase in home influencer accounts recently. Lots of people are looking for inspirations for their homes via Instagram. I love to change things around. I tend to stick to a neutral main colour throughout – then if I feel like a change, I can do so with furniture and accessories,” she said.

With such platforms as Instagram, there is even greater access to interior design than ever before, and followers are finding how someone has put together a room as interesting as their outfit or makeup rituals. It’s not unusual for people to go to bars, restaurants and cafes, just to get a selfie with a famous interior.

One thing never to forget for your lush interior design Instagram shots though, are to include your luxury internal doors!

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