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How Residential Doors Can make Your Rooms Look More Spacious

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Nothing could have made people think more about their living space more than the impact of a pandemic that has forced us to spend more time indoors and at home than could ever have been imagined.

With lockdown and other restrictions keeping people within those four walls so much of the time, many will have felt a bit trapped, especially in winter when even venturing into the garden is not the great idea it is in warmer months.

However, the more imaginative will have spent their time considering how they might do something about that inner space and give their home a roomier look.

Choose the right residential doors

That isn’t easy if space is limited, but there are ways of doing it – and the residential doors you install will be part of the equation.

Of course, unless you knock some walls through to create a more open-plan look, it isn’t possible to add more space, and reducing the number of rooms may not be the best idea when privacy is at a premium already.

For that reason, it is all about making the place look more spacious, just as a room can look warmer or colder depending on the colours you decorate it with, irrespective of the actual temperature.

Indeed, your colour scheme can help you make a room look larger, simply by keeping it uniform throughout, oprah.com suggests. The site states: “Think about it: A navy door on an off-white wall smacks you in the face with a big “Notice me,” whereas a cream door on the same wall blends right in.”  Just as darker colours can make a room look cosier, light ones give it a more spacious appearance.

Of course, there are places where you can fit a space-saving pocket door, such as in the small opening to a larger, cupboard or bathroom.  However, that will be of limited relevance to your larger rooms.

As ever, the key to any interior decoration scheme will be to balance different needs and priorities. A classic, stylish door always adds quality to a home, and in most cases, one kind does not take up more space than any other.

For that reason, it makes complete sense to prioritise making the door look as smart and stylish as you like and allow it to then set the tone for the rest of the room.

To then add a sense of spaciousness, you can then reorganise the more moveable elements. The doorway will stay in the same place unless you carry out major works, but furniture, bookshelves, tables, chests of drawers and other items can be moved further back to the walls to expand the amount of visible and practically usable floor space.

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