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How to measure up for internal doors?

how to measure up for internal doors

Purchasing new or replacement internal doors may appear to be a daunting task, but it does not have to be! Finding out the measurements you need is relatively straightforward. In this article, we discuss how to measure up for internal doors.

Once you have decided on material, style and colour, it is important to make sure you measure accurately, and our guide will help you to get your measurements spot on! 

Here are a few top tips before measure up for internal doors:

  1. Make sure you measure in mm as this is the smallest and most accurate unit of measurement. 
  2. Take all of your measurements twice to avoid error, and if you are unsure of any measurements, it is best to round up rather than round down. Remember the old joinery phrase: measure twice, cut once! 

How to measure internal doors?

Doors can warp over time which is why you should measure the height and width of your door in three different places. 

  1. First, take three measurements of the width of the door at three distinct locations: the top, the middle, and the bottom. Use your tape measure to measure across the width of the door blade itself, not including the frame. If there is no door blade and there is only a frame, then measure from inside the frame across the width of the gap to the edge on the other side.
  2. Measure the height of the door in three different locations; left, centre and right. Use the exact instructions as above if there is no door blade. 

You will have six measurements at this stage; therefore, take the largest measurement for the height and the immense value for the breadth at this point.

Now it’s time to measure the thickness of the door blade itself. The average thickness of a door tends to be around 40mm. 

Repeat the same steps above to measure the door frame. Using a tape measure, measure the height and width of the door from top to bottom and then from left to right.

There is an average door height of 1981mm and an average door width of 762mm in the United Kingdom. Doors are slightly taller (2040mm) and narrower (726mm) in Scotland.

Apollo DoorSets collaborate with three major German door set manufacturers

At Apollo Doorsets, we collaborate with three major German door set manufacturers who complement one another in terms of their vast product ranges and availability of their products, respectively. If your doors do not fit within the standard sizes, that’s fine; we can work towards your bespoke requirements. 

Now that you have your measurements, it’s time to get a quote! Browse the door styles on our website to find the style to suit your home or commercial property, and fill out a quote form for a friendly consultation with our team!