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How To Fix Common Internal Door Issues

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High-quality door kits that are professionally fitted and well-maintained will last for a very long time without any issues.

However, if a door is slightly ill-fitted, well used, older, frequently painted on or a victim of damp over the years it can face one of these common issues.

Whilst a problem with an external door will naturally receive more attention for security reasons, issues with internal doors can have an impact on security and privacy, particularly for houseshares and other similar agreements.

3 Common internal door issues

Dropping Door

A door that has dropped off has done so because the hinges have gotten loose, so the first step is to tighten the hinge screws as much as possible.

If they will not tighten properly, either replace the screws with larger ones or use matchsticks and wood adhesive to plug the hole again before replacing the screws.

Sticking Door Issues

Sometimes this can be caused by heat, but in most cases, a sticking door is caused by a build-up of paint on one edge of the door, which you can generally tell by looking at paint marks on the edge of the door.

Plane the edge and provide enough clearance to repaint it, before sanding, priming and repainting the wood.

Stiff Or Squeaky Door Issues

Typically both of these issues are caused by issues with the hinges or the lock mechanism. They can be solved by using an aerosol lubricant such as WD-40 onto the hinge pins or latch mechanism. Open and close the door a few times to let the oil flow and then wipe away the rest.