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How To Choose The Right Internal Doors

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Choosing internal doors for your home is about more than adding functional features. They obviously have a practical role, to divide up space, provide quiet and privacy, and protect from fire. However, they also make a big difference to the aesthetics of your home and contribute to the overall flow and feel of each room. Here are some main points to consider to choose the right internal doors.

Choose the right internal doors

Choose doors that complement the existing style of your home

If you live in a traditional property with original features, then a panelled or cottage style solid oak door will fit in well. For a more contemporary home, sleek flush doors with a veneer finish may be more appropriate.

For an open plan interior design style, doors may still sometimes be required for extra privacy. Bi-folding internal doors, which are hinged with symmetrical door panels that fold outward and to the side, are a great option in this case. They take up less space than hinged doors and allow for greater air circulation.

French doors are a pair of doors fitted across a double doorway. They are often used in open plan living areas, and they can be fitted with glazed panels so the feeling of light and space isn’t compromised when they are closed. These doors will add a touch of class to either a traditional or modern style home.

For a rustic feel, a barn door that slides along a rail is becoming a popular choice. They can be polished or unfinished. For small homes, pocket doors are a good solution as they slide away into a wall cavity, eliminating the need to allow for the swing arc of the door.

Decide what material to use

Natural wood is a luxury choice, especially for traditional door styles. Hardwoods such as oak and alder are strong and durable, and look best varnished. They suit older, rustic homes particularly. Softwoods such as pine are lightweight and resist swelling and shrinking.

Moulded composite is a wood-based compound which resembles real wood, but is more affordable. Engineered wood, such as medium density fibreboard (MDF) and hardboard, are a hard-wearing alternative. PVC doors are good options for fire and water resistant doors, and are available in a range of colours.

Decide on the core type

Engineered materials are either solid or hollow core. Hollow core doors tend to be cheaper. They are lightweight doors, with a cellular pattern inside to provide extra strength. These types of doors are easy to install, but they don’t offer much sound resistance or fire proofing. For some spaces, such as cupboards, this isn’t an issue, so they are often used.

Solid core doors are made of densely packed materials, and feel weightier. They are strong and offer good levels of fire protection. They also provide much higher levels of soundproofing and insulation than hollow core doors, so are ideal for living areas.

Solid wood doors have all the advantages of solid core materials, but they are much more expensive. They can add value to a property, but they also require greater levels of maintenance, as they can be prone to expanding and shrinking.

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