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How The Right Internal Doors Can Save You Money

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There are many things that an ideal good quality internal doors can do to improve a home or office, from increasing its market value to helping to improve privacy and soundproofing.

However, the right choice of interior doors can not only help make money when a property is sold, but it can also be a valuable way to save money and have peace of mind. Here are three major ways good quality internal doors can help save money.

Good Quality Internal Doors Can Save Your Money

Draught Prevention

A lot of energy that is used to heat homes and offices ends up wasted because the warm air generated by heating systems ends up flowing outside of the building and is replaced by cold air from outside.

It is the worst of both worlds as not only do you lose a lot of heat this way. But because of the cold air coming in your heating needs to be on a higher setting.

A few simple measures, such as adding draught-proofing strips or a draught excluder will keep heat from circulating into colder rooms of the property.

Draught-proofing your office will not only reduce the amount of wasted heat but also keep a property warmer on a lower heat setting. Simple draught prevention can save up to £20 per year for a standard-sized house, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Fire Safety for Internal Doors

Prevention is the best line of defence when it comes to fire, and in the event of combustion happening inside your building; every second counts to ensuring the safety of people inside and reducing the level of damage to the property.

Choosing specially designed fire doors will help protect significantly in this regard. A fire door is a door designed to be closed and built with materials that are designed to keep the searing heat of the blaze from reaching the other side of the door for at least a short period.

Fire control and safety doors are specially rated based on how much time they will protect from fire, and can significantly aid in fire prevention and successful evacuation. Providing they provide a perfect seal around, they are available in a range of styles, designs and materials.

The less a fire spreads, the less damage it can do


Similarly to fire safety, the way to reduce the costs and damages of a potential intrusion or burglary is time. The longer it takes for a burglar to reach anything valuable; the less of a chance they have of successfully taking anything.

Internal doors can benefit here in a few ways, from simple to elaborate. The most simple way in which a set of internal doors can help is through requiring several attempts to breach a lock or other security system.

Other ways in which electronic doors can help include electronic locking and alarm systems, security bars that can only be opened from one side without the key; as well as reinforcement systems and braces that cannot be removed or deactivated without the key.

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