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How Doors Can Maintain The Right Home Climate

doors can maintain the home climates

For the last few months, Britons have been focused on keeping their homes warm over the chilly days of winter, but recently, matters have got rather more complicated as the capricious spring weather has swung from the mid twenties to freezing with snow on high ground.

All that will have led to some altered decisions about heating and ventilation in the home, choices that will be made easier when summer arrives and the weather will usually be a lot warmer.

However, this does all highlight the various tools you may have at your disposal for keeping the home at the right level of heat and humidity. As well as not being too warm or cold, you will also want to avoid it being too damp, in order to avoid condensation.

Your windows, heating and insulation will all have parts to play, but so will your doors. Residential doors can be extremely useful in helping regulate the internal climate of your home, or a liability.

As HVAC notes, sometimes condensation is a problem due to a lack of ventilation. For this reason, it is useful to keep doors open to help maintain air flow, although in some cases a dehumidifier is needed.

Of course, air flow can be greater if it comes under the door, but such gaps are not what you want in cold weather. This is not necessarily a problem, though. After all, you don’t want a door that drags on the carpet and a good draught excluder will stop heat leaking out under a closed door.

The World Health Organisation recommended temperature for a home is 18 degrees Celsius. This is important to maintain when it is cold outside for health reasons, but of course it is likely to be hotter in summer.

A great solution, therefore, is to make sure your doors avoid being too draughty in winter to ensure the temperature stays warm, especially if you are focusing your heating in one room by a fire instead of through central heating.

By keeping these same doors open in summer, you should similarly be able to moderate the temperature and prevent condensation with good ventilation.