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How Do Doors Impact Your Interior Design?

doors impact on interior design

If you’re refreshing or renovating your home, several factors can impact the overall feel of your living space. But how can the humble door help improve the overall interior design of your home?

Doors Impacts On Interior Design

We are all looking for ways to improve our homes and gardens, particularly after almost a year of lockdown restrictions. However, giving some thought to the internal doors in your home can make a vast difference. We take a look at how.


Colour is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider when looking at new doors. Colour can impact your mood and the overall impression that your design is aiming to provide.

There are typically three approaches to a colour scheme:

  • Tonal – using varying tones of one colour through the room, or more than one colour but the same depth of tone
  • Harmonious – picking colours next to or near each other on the wheel
  • Complimentary, or ‘contrasting’ – colours that lie opposite each other on the wheel

Often a door will give you a starting point for your colour scheme. If you’re wanting to use a wooden door, for example, then you will want colours that work well with timber.


The texture is another important element to keep in mind. The right textures, used in the right way, can add depth and dimensions to a room. The choice of the door will certainly affect the choice of materials used elsewhere in the room.

For instance, that timber, with the right finish, can help to reflect light across the space, making it brighter. If you’ve got a brighter wooden door, it may be that you’ll want to have a carpet installed to prevent the space from becoming too bright, especially if your colour choices elsewhere are also bright.

Smoother textures are also good for helping a room feel lighter and thus work well with contrasting ‘rougher’ textures elsewhere in the room. Smoother textures can also make a room feel cooler, whereas rougher textures can bring warmth.

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