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Homeowners Urged To Notify Insurers Of Major Renovations

Homeowners who are carrying out – or planning to carry out – major renovation works have been reminded that they need to tell their insurer when the project has been completed.

Failing to do so could mean that their home insurance policy is no longer valid and therefore leave them in a difficult situation should something happen to their property.

The Mirror shared several instances where this had happened, leaving homeowners out of pocket by tens of thousands of pounds.

Edward, who had replaced his kitchen and utility room at a cost of £22,500 in July last year had a nasty surprise in May. His kitchen caught fire and when he put in a claim on his insurance policy it was rejected because he hadn’t notified them about the changes.

Another couple who are DIY enthusiasts told the newspaper that they also had issues with their insurance firm. They divided one of their three bedrooms into two, building the wall and adding a new doorway themselves.

Following a house fire, they put in a claim based on it being a four-bedroom house. The insurer queried this as their records showed it as a three-bedroom property, and initially they rejected the claim because the work hadn’t been carried out by a professional builder.

However, in this instance there was a happy ending as they changed their mind and did provide a payout to the couple.

These examples just go to show how important it is to tell your insurer if you make any major changes to your abode.

A recent survey by TSB found that changes to planning rules in England mean that 19 per cent of homeowners now believe they’re more likely to construct a rear extension in the coming three years, rather than moving to a bigger property.

Make sure you find the right UK internal door sets for your home to ensure the extension blends in with the rest of your property. And, of course, don’t forget to tell your insurance company.