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Feng Shui Your Front Door

Choosing the best possible door set to improve curb appeal is important, but what is the best way to make your front door lucky?

Well, you could always use feng shui to make sure you are getting the most out of your exterior design!


Consider the direction of your home

There are eight potential directions your home can face in, North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East and South West.

When carrying out traditional feng shui it is the norm to produce a bagua map which shows where the energy is flowing in the house.

The first step of anybody doing a bagua map is to take a compass reading of the front door. The direction of the front door will determine which element will dominate the energy coming into your home.


Front door vs Mouth of Chi

Your front door is the opening to energy going into your home. Large windows can enhance this so consider using a lot of glass in your front door or in its set.


Best colours

The best colour for your front door is determined by its direction though there are some colours that are better than others in feng shui. You will need to consider whether you want a harmonious colour that corresponds with the element, or a productive colour that is thought to nourish the element associated with your front door.

Earth-tones are best for your east-facing door and include greens and browns and wood tones. Productive colours would be from the water element and would include blue, black and purple.

South-East facing doors would benefit from the same colours but also light yellows and sandy colours.

South is associated with fire so introduce fiery shades or red and orange, pinks, purples and yellows. Productive colours include wood colours such as browns and greens.

South-West facing houses are governed by earth and could be painted light yellows, beiges and light browns to reflect this. Productive colours are earth colours such as reds, pinks, oranges and purples.

For a West-facing or North-west facing front door you need to consider the fact that the element which governs west is metal. The feng shui colours for this are white and grey. You could also use some earth colours which are thought to ‘nourish’ the metal element, so consider light yellows, beiges and light browns.

North-facing doors are unique in that they are the only doors governed by the water element and are best painted black or blue. Productive colours include metal colours such as white and grey.

North-East is governed by earth so pick those earthy tones here, productive colours include fire tones.


Best shapes

For a west facing front door use circular or square shapes which are thought to nourish the metal.


Best accessories

If you can’t choose the best colour of your front door for any reason then you should consider using accessories that compliment the element. Metal wind chimes on a west facing door for example.