Apollo DoorSets

Door Handles

Hardware & Accessories

We supply high-quality interior door hardware and accessories. Ranges for lever handles are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. The contemporary and classic designs suit wooden doors as well as full glass doors.

Stylish sliding rails bring a touch of class to your home; meanwhile the safety armature range allows for peace of mind.

A team of technicians works to assure the consistent high quality, maintenance free bearings and simple fitting solutions.


Sliding door systems

All HGM and ASTRA designs can be matched to your bespoke requirements needed for each door on your premises.



Vision panels may or may not be a requirement for your doorset, either way, they are a stylish and functional addition to your doorset. 



Protecting building users is a priority in commercial buildings, Doorsets are available with up to 120-minute fire protection with smoke seals for the highest levels of protection should the worst occur.

Original HGM doors

Veneer and high-pressure laminate doorsets are highly durable and suitable for high traffic offices and commercial buildings. Veneer and laminate doorsets are available in a range of colours and finishes with contrasting or complementary architraves to suit the aesthetics of the building.


For over 60 years the name HGM has stood for the real and the unadulterated. No ifs and buts. The same surface material is always used for the door and frame. That makes all the difference. Regardless of whether it is real wood or lacquer. True quality is also evident in the perfect workmanship of the high-quality materials.