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DIY Projects To Transform Your Home

Home Improvements

All the extra time spent at home during the lockdown has many people taking a good long look at their homes and considering what they can do to spruce up their living spaces without needing to call in the professionals for a major project.

According to Property Reporter, 38 per cent of Brits are getting stuck into simple DIY tasks around the home, and if you want to be one of them, we have five simple home transformation ideas for you.

Five Home Transformation Ideas

1. Customise with chalk paint

Chalk paint is a great way to spruce up flea market finds and old wooden furniture that needs a bit of TLC. It provides a flat, matt finish and excellent coverage with just a couple of coats, and is perfect for walls, furniture, as well as interior and exterior projects.

2. Colour co-ordinate ceilings and corridors

Coordinate a section of wall or ceiling with a piece of statement furniture. This works exceptionally well in darker corridors, creating a boutique hotel-style vibe.

Vibrant colour on the ceiling teamed with furniture in the same colour can revitalise a tired-looking hallway.

3. Home Transform with tiling

Tiling might require a little more skill than some DIY jobs, but a little practice and patience can revamp the bathroom or kitchen.

It might not need entire walls, simply tiling a splashback in the kitchen will create a stunning look and visual impact without upsetting your finances.

4. Update handles and knobs

Replacing the handles and knobs on cupboards, drawers, and another furniture is a great way of refreshing older cabinetry without spending a fortune or having to replace entire kitchen units.

5. Internal Doors

Simply replacing old doors with new luxury internal doors can lend a whole new look to a room with very little effort.

Internal frameless glass doors can essentially add a new window to a room, adding a whole new dimension. Why not see what other options there are by visiting our site today.