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What’s The Difference Between a Door and a Door Set?

internal door sets vs doors

Door options for building or renovation projects need many factors to be considered.  However, cost of materials should not be the sole focus.  It’s important to account for labour costs during installation along with  quality and consistency of finish, and compliance with building regulations. The difference between a door set and a traditional door leaf hinges on labour costs and ease of installation.

Using pre-hung internal door sets as an alternative to traditional doors is standard in the German and Austrian markets where compromising on quality and consistency is not an option.

Internal Door Sets Vs Doors – Definitions

The difference between a door and a door set lies in the installation process. They are two very distinct products, one is a plain door leaf the other is a fully formed doorway.

What is a Door Set?

Internal door sets are delivered  straight to site as a complete unit including the door, frame, and all hardware. They arrive pre-hung, and require minimal labour to install.

Using pre-hung doors in your next project offers a more efficient and streamlined solution, with your bespoke specifications integrated at point of manufacture. This ensures superior control over build quality, minimising the possibility of quality and installation specifications not being met onsite.

How Door Sets are Installed

Door sets arrive on site as a complete door frame with the door pre-hung and all door furniture attached. The door openings must be prepared prior to the arrival of unit. Once prepared, the units are installed  and secured according to the manufacturers specifications.

Choosing a pre-hung door kit reduces the need for skilled trades are on site, lowering installation cost and ensuring consistent quality across  a build.

At Apollo Doors, we guide your on-site teams on best practise to ensure smooth and efficient  installation enduring durability.

Traditional Doors

A traditional door is supplied as a plain door leaf without hinges and hardware.

How Doors are Installed

A door requires a frame of the correct size to be created to facilitate installation. All hinges  and door furniture must then be attached to the door leaf on site.

Installation demands precise measurements and adjustments to ensure the door fits well and functions as intended. If door leafs are fire rated, the correct materials, hinges, locks, and frames msut  be used on site to meet the fire certification standards of the doors. This responsibility falls to the onsite contractors, potentially leading to quality issues and additional time and labour costs.

5 Benefits of Internal Door Sets

So what benefits do internal door sets from Apollo Doorsets offer a development? Here are the top 5 benefits of using a factory built door kit:-

1. Bespoke Service

Take advantage of our industry expertise, and allow the Apollo Doors team to review your specifications to create a bespoke door set to meet your exact needs.

2. Performance Assured

Integrating building and fire regulation requirements with desired finishes is streamlined.

Manufacturing your doorway as one complete door set means quality and compliance can be achieved easily, eliminating onsite complications.

3. Eliminate Quality Issues

All parts of our door sets are tested and certified together to meet high German manufacturing standards. This ensures quality issues are avoided, and inclusion of all required components to meet your building specifications.
A pre-hung door arrives on site ready for perfect function – fully plumb, square, and without significant gaps.

4. Reduced Installation Time

A pre-hung solution can be installed later in the build rather than early, reducing the risk of damage to doors during construction. Installing doorways during the second fix, minimises the potential for damage from things like plaster, paint, and items being moved around the construction site.

5. Predictable Installation Costs

Using door sets creates predictability around installation costs, helping to keep build budgets on track. With pre-hung door sets, preparation for a suitable door opening is all that’s required to ensure a high quality installation.

Our team can offer support and advice to on site teams about necessary preparation as part of our bespoke service. The difference between doors and door sets highlights a significant shift towards higher standards of quality during the construction process. Door sets  offer a streamlined installation process, bespoke manufacturing, and assured compliance.

This is a compelling alternative to the traditional, labour intensive installation methods usually required to form doorways. Take the opportunity to elevate the quality of your project, and enjoy reduced labour costs, minimal installation time, and predictability of budget.