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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

It is that time of the year where everyone is getting their Christmas decorations out of the loft and jazzing up the front of their house with brightly-coloured fairylights. However, if you have spent a lot of time on your interior design, you might be wary of sticking tacky tinsel and plastic baubles all over your home.

Here are some quick tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree while still having an elegant and stylish house.


  • Complimentary colours

If you have a colour scheme in your living room, you should try and stick to it when it comes to your tree as well, so your decorations do not clash with your walls and textiles.

Interior design expert Jane Briggs told the Mail Online that achieving a balance between the colours in the room and those on the tree is key, as well as using accent shades that bring out the room’s décor.


  • Statement baubles

While it can be tempting to keep decorations subtle, this can result in a sparse and rather sad-looking tree. Instead, it is a good idea to get a few large, statement baubles that attract attention and don’t get lost within the branches.


  • Be minimalistic

Statement baubles are also a good idea, as you don’t have to over-fill the tree in order for it to look decorated. One mistake homeowners make is over-cluttering their tree with mismatching ornaments. Instead, a minimalistic approach with decorations in two or three complimentary shades will make your tree look stylish and well-thought-out.

Victoria Beckham is a big fan of this style, posting a picture of her Christmas tree, decorated with white and gold baubles and yellow lights, on to social media earlier this week, revealed Hello! magazine.

Don’t forget to decorate your new wooden door sets too – a simple wreath with bows in colours that match your tree’s decorations would look really sophisticated.