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8 Tips For Choosing New Internal Doors

tips for new internal doors

Whether you’re renovating your home or building your own home, choosing the right internal doors is important. The doors you pick can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home.

However, choosing the right design to match your décor is only part of the challenge, as there are other considerations to make too. We have a brief guide to help you:

How To Choosing New Internal Doors?

A question of style

The type of door you choose will largely depend on the overall style of your property. Doors fall into distinct styles, so you can focus on the type of look that is going to complement your décor the best.

Contemporary doors will best suit modern décor, but cottage and classic doors, are equally as popular in traditional and modern urban settings.  Interior design trends are currently very eclectic and it’s about everything working in harmony to create the space that you want. 


Once you have decided on the style of door, you will need to consider the finish. Do you want a real wood veneer or the smooth appeal of laminate? Or perhaps you want to paint the doors to match the décor or keep to simple white primed doors. Consider different finishes to reflect different parts of your home.

How will your doors be fitted?

How your doors will be fitted is a very important consideration. If you’re using standard hinges then you need to think about which way the door will open. Bi-fold doors are a great idea when space is limited.

What size internal doors do you need?

If your door frames are of a standard UK size, then doors will be more readily available and cost-effective too. However, do make sure you measure up first, as some older properties may require bespoke, tailor-made doors if the frames are not of a standard size.

Consider glazed options

Many doors will have a matched glazed option, which is a great idea for rooms that need a little more light or to have to option to see through into the next room.

How sturdy will your doors be? 

It is important to consider performance, longevity, and the cost of the door. When picking your doors, look for details on core construction and edge lipping. Solid, engineered cores will be more expensive, but far more durable than hollow core doors.

Door handles and ironmongery

When you order a door, it will likely not come with hinges, handles, and locks. This gives you more choice in being able to furnish your door with handles and accessories that match the look of your home.

Who’s going to fit your doors? 

You will find that an experienced door fitter or carpenter is the best person to fit your door. They will also be able to provide you with valuable advice before you purchase, on how the finished product may look and the sizes required. 

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